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Steal our brilliant ideas. Pay us if you use one (The really brilliant ones aren't listed here).  This list is a continuation of the whiteboard that was destroyed in Mark's apartment a few years back.

Idea Inventor

Cover a large PVC pipe with video knock-out colored green cloth, connect the pipe to hydraulic actuators that are computer controlled. Pre-program a series of actions, like the crocodile head going up and down and side to side.

Then, shoot video of kiddies holding onto the crocodile, then overlay and knock out the green crocodile mockup with footage of the Australian outback and a computer generated crocodile.

This video can then be burned onto inexpensive VideoCDs and given or sold to the family of the kids at Australian-themed events, like Nadine's daughter's batmitzvah.



Archive Server and Ultimate Jukebox Comittee

The Archive:
The Archive is a database system with features and capabilities aimed toward the management of large collections of MP3 audio files. More Info...

The Jukebox:
  The Jukebox, as proposed by Cayuse, will be a professional audio system, designed around the idea that it could replace all the audio sources and processors in the average (high-end) DJ's equipment rack.


Sarge (?)

Inkjet Pen Cayuse

  A microcontrolled pen, using a mechanism similar to inkjet printer heads to allow the writer to select arbitrary colors and styles.