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Bondi South (theCave-dot-dave) thecave was a true relic. It once was the prized Compaq of a certain James Kaufman; devalued and demoralized, it once rested beneath the kitchen counter of Bondi South, occupying the cavity once set aside for dishwashers and Power Macs. Once the communications gateway for the Southern installment of Deep Bondi, it has, alas, become the latest Deep Bondi technology sacrifice.
thecave Mk II  
tranya tranya is a living testament to the rugged durability of Apple's Power Macintosh G4. Having survived not only a blazing inferno, but the verbal and emotional abuse of a windows-trained owner, its continued operation and use is a monument to the achievements of Apple Computer, Inc.  Recently, tranya was traded to Bondi North A for a rack-mounted iMac (yet to be completed), and rumor has it that tranya may soon be shipped to Arizona for a temporary stay with Dale Henderson.
staunch conservative staunch conservative, once "The Backbone of the Operation," now plays a lesser, but still vital, role. It has been resurrected, after a brief period of inactivity, commandeered by mokus to run Deep Bondi's e-mail services.
archive A Third of a Terabyte - y'know, for kids! (...)
lab Lab seems to be confused at the moment - On one hand, it wishes it could run linux. On the other, it wishes it could run at all. A near survivor of the blazing inferno, it seems to be a bit worse for the wear.
development Development is big. Development is blue. He seems to be searching for an identity. Being surrounded by Macs has not helped his's identity crisis one bit, but he does know one thing - none of these macs have ever burned a single byte of vTree firmware, and that's something they can never take away from him.
Bondi Central
(Mustang Ranch)
slater Slater Mark IV is the fourth incarnation of this hardy little pizza box. Slater is a Power Macintosh 6100/66, and damn proud of it. Slater's been around the block a few times, and in all its 6-year employment as a Deep Bondi server, Slater has only crashed once - when mokus tried to upgrade to an experimental libc that apparently didn't work ;-).
ellis Ellis, Mark's slater-clone, was used to test the linux-2.4 waters before slater jumped in. In addition, Ellis tested out a number of new features in the DeepBondi.Net skunkworks, including IMAP e-mail for the (limited) masses and an LDAP address-book.  It now rests silently atop the jukebox, awaiting its next task.
Deep Bondi Deep Bondi, the organization's namesake, was the first Power Mac G3 purchased by the Bondians, and will probably be the last to make the switch to Mac OS X. It's got all sorts of nifty gadgets, like SCSI, ADB, Firewire, a million and one USB devices, two monitors (Every Mac ought to have at least 2 heads), video input, a scanner... Just about the only thing it's lacking is a DVD-Recorder.
speedway Speedway, mokus's OpenBSD desktop machine, is decorated by a blowpen-and-stencil image "Like Ayrton Senna, only different." (...)
jukebox Jukebox is decorated as well, by mokus's baby sister, kellyanne. The marks are hardly noticeable, but definitely there, in a hi-liter-yellow shade that nearly matches the off-beige of your standard UltraSparc 1 case. (...)
lunchbox Lunchbox never did, and probably never will, operate as a deep bondi system. Once we got the ST Micro timekeeper-RAM it needed to boot, we found its hard drive was also shot. Lunchbox is now the most likely candidate for the next technology sacrifice.
Archive 2 Just in case one quarter-terabyte server wasn't enough, we have two. (...)
Sting Mokus' iMac, now in Boise, ID (...)
Bondi North A
(cayuse's place)
David Henderson's Computer David Henderon's Computer is much more secure about its identity than Development - It makes no claims about who it is, or what it wishes it was. It is content to be David Henderson's Computer - nothing more, nothing less. Well, a little bit more - It happens to have a Voodoo2 Mezzanine card - Who ever said iMacs weren't upgradeable?
Michelle Henderson's Computer Similarly unimaginitively named, Michelle Henderson's Computer may not sport the upgradeability of David Henderson's Computer, but when it comes down to what matters (How fast it rips MP3s), there's just no comparison - Michelle Henderson's Computer has the clear Megahertz advantage - 400 to 233.  Not only that, it is now well on its way (and far beyond any thought of return) to becoming the first Deep Bondi rackmount iMac.

Bondi Europe

xFiles xFiles goes by it's Startup Disk's name, because nobody can remember the crazy name Anne picked for the computer. xFiles makes frequent appearances in the Chooser at most Deep Bondi game parties, despite the preference of its owner that the Bondians 'don't put that junk on my computer'.  When Anne shipped out to germany, she took xFiles with her, and since then cayuse has logged in and remotely installed 'that junk' anyway.
Deep Bondi Mobile Unit Stealth Tindrum's laptop, traded to mokus for ed's imac...   it's a long story, so don't ask about it if you don't have a couple hours to spare.
iBook (What's this thing's name?) Hmm... this iBook has GPS, and occasionally Airport. It enjoys long road trips to Kern County, late-night games of scrabble, and of course, Compuserve PPP. (...)