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This is a glossary of terms, phrases, and inside jokes that are in common usage among the Technote people (and hardly anyone else).

Generic term for a magic text marker at the beginning of any file (such as #!/bin/sh). Pronounced "percent-bang pee ess adobe."
Bad Jookie
Jookie that is busted.
The elementary partical of bogosity (The state or condition of being bogus)
an imaginary device that can detect the number of bogons eminating from an object, person or idea. If the bogometer reads anything, it's usually pegging into the red.
Carbonized (Mac software)
The Cave, aka The French Quarter
tindrum's apartment in Santa Ana, which he is currently renting to sgtschultz.
Living personification of fear.  Cobra wears an Atari t-shirt, drives a black IROC-Z with flames on the hood and an unmarked primer-grey utility van, and has a posse of the meanest thugs in existence.  He has singlehandedly taken on armies of submachine-gun weilding terrorists, armed himself with little more than a .22 pistol.  When maligned, his retribution is swift, decisive, and inescapable.  In short, Cobra is not to be trifled with. (Rumors to the effect that Cobra is fictional are most harshly punished)
Linguistic operator equivalent to the C preprocessor's #define directive.  The '#' is silent.
An unsecured wireless network, esp. one that is set up to cover a wide area.
An exclamation of nonactivity (derived from the old Mac System Sound, "Wild Eep")
A real soda which, due to an ad recalling the fictitious Jookie, may be substituted for Jookie in phrases proclaiming it "busted."
Due to excessive use by cayuse, this word and all morphological variants no longer have any meaning, and should be thought of as equivalent to "um"
Based on a fictional soda whose ads claimed it to be a "party in a can," and which upon opening was invariably proclaimed to be "busted." Hence the expression (and its variations) "My Jookie's Busted" to describe a failure of a device or service to meet its expected or advertised standards.
"I don't want that on me"
Reference to ridiculous over-cautiousness or oversensitivity to something trivial.  Original usage came from a television commercial (I think... or maybe it was just one of tindrum's odd notions) about a person who used a lint roller on his toilet paper because "I don't want that on me."
Synonym for the name of the speaker.  (Pronounced "Slash-Me")
A friendly IRC bot that sometimes visits our channel.  She likes to roll dice, and is quite proficient at it.
Party tense 
A morphological form of a word that indicates a party called for a purpose relating to the word's root.  See also "-tacular, -stock, -fest."
Sliced pickled jalapeños
Plastic Rule
A variation of Roberts Rules of Order that specifies that the person holding a specified plastic object (such as a white-board marker) "has the floor" and is the only one permitted to speak, or, at a minimum, lead the discussion.
Perl-esque replacement operations are often used to correct serious misspellings in IRC.  When reading, all the perl semantics apply (however, if that still doesn't clarify the meaning of the mistyped sentence, it may be appropriate to take a looser interpretation).  The final / may be omitted, at the typist's option.
-tacular, -stock, -fest
Suffixes that may be applied to any word to form its "party tense." Common instances include "gamestock," "ripstock," "summer-tacular," and "stock-fest".  The only condition that must be satisfied to make an event "official" is the presence of a nacho cheese pumper.
tindrum notation
An abbreviation of the now-ubiquitous "http://www.(something).com/", rendering URLs of this form as ".(something)." - for example, .google.
Mountain Dew
Anything undesirable, often comestible.  Primary usage is "I don't want any of that tripe!"
Viral Tranya
Code Red Mountain Dew
War Chalk
Marks on a street curb indicating the presence of an open wireless network.  Also the act of creating such marks.
-xor, -xored
A meaningless suffix that cayuse appends to common words for no discernable reason. Examples: "fluxored (up)", "haxor"